About Us


The Loreto Sisters came to Killarney in 1860.  We are privileged to follow in their footsteps and aim to promote an atmosphere of happiness, consideration, acceptance and love, in which all children are included and find security, and where Christian values are actively lived. We are very conscious that our school is


 part of the community and the wider world. Mary Ward, founder of Loreto believed in empowering young people to build a better future for others. We continue to take on this challenge in the 21st century.  The aspiration of our children is that ”the world will be a better place because I am in it”.

We  are delighted to continue our link with Loreto by praying for the missions and  by supporting our twin  Loreto school in Rumbek, Sudan, annually with the  proceeds of our Easter raffle.

Our Community

The children of Scoil Bhríde, Loreto are encouraged to have a definite sense of parish and community.  This fosters their self-esteem and self-confidence and helps their social, moral and religious development.  We encourage them to be independent, tolerant, kind and cooperative.  Participation in sports e.g. football and swimming at MarysOfAngelslocal level, participation in the annual Christmas in Killarney parade, and our fifth and sixth class visits to local nursing homes with a special annual visit to St. Mary of the Angels school  are but some examples of our educational experiences which promote community awareness.

We Enjoy Learning.

Education in Scoil Bhríde is concerned with the holistic development of your child. We seek to develop all aspects of the human intelligences. There is an emphasis on Literacy, Numeracy and Gaeilge. This is complemented by fostering the sporting, musical, artistic and social aspects of your child’s development.   We work towards developing a natural scientific curiosity and imagination in our pupils. They are encouraged to investigate and explore their physical and natural surroundings. Part of this involves field trips in the areas of Geography, History and Science. These first hand experiences will help them to find answers to problems themselves by exploring their own environment.

Loreto Trail with Fleming (2)
History Trail 5th/6th class

Our children enjoy self expression through drama, sport, school debates, art, music, creative writing, participation in the school choir and participation in school Masses.  The publication of our annual school magazine is a highlight of our school year enjoyed by children, staff, parents and other relatives alike.  Every child in the school contributes to the magazine,  and every year we are proud to dedicate the proceeds to


the Chernobyl  Children’s Fund. Teams representing Loreto in competitions learn to be gracious in victory and in defeat. They understand that participation is what counts. Each child gets the opportunity to wear the school jersey with pride.  We are very fortunate to have  extensive training fields (courtesy of the Loreto Sisters) and training in these surroundings is always a pleasure.



Environmental Awareness

We encourage our students to be curious about the natural world around them. Torc and Mangerton Mountains loom majestically over our school, which is located less than a mile from Killarney National Park and other locations of historic interest. Enveloped by green fields, trees and mountains, our natural surroundings provide  the perfect backdrop to the environmental awareness which we seek to instill in our pupils. We mark the changing seasons by field trips and religious events. We are involved every year in keeping our beautiful environment clean and litter free. We have an active green school committee and have hoisted the green flag in our school four times to great pride and joy of all. The green schools programme is a whole school effort. Every class is involved and represented.  We appreciate the efforts of all the teachers and staff and of all the parents who also help out.  A special thank you goes to all the children for their enthusiasm and willingness to protect our beautiful environment