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Dear parents,

As you aware, this year we took our first steps to achieve our Active School flag. We were very lucky to have such a wonderful Active School Committee in place and I have no doubt that they would have organised a fantastic Active School Week. Unfortunately, we cannot do this at the current time, but that won’t stop us!! We are going to have an Active School Week but with a difference.

Active home week willย  start on Monday next, 25th May.

The aim of this initiative is to motivate young people to keep active at home.There are lots of activities, new challenges and family fun activities. It is recommended that people are active for 60 minutes everyday.

To participate in our Active home week, all you have to do is download the form below (print it, fill it in online or draw your own chart) and fill it in as you go through the week. At the end of the week we are asking all pupils to send back a picture of their form to their teacher via SEESAW.


There will also be a daily challenge uploaded here on this page every morning.

Below are some ideas to keep the boys and girls active during the week. They can also make up your own activities and games.

Finally, it would be great to share some pictures with us on our facebook page!

Click on any of the links below for more information;


P.E Skills

Lots of lovely videos of skill practice for home

Active home ideas


Homemade Frisbee Fling;


At home bowling;


Bear Crawl;

Tennis at home;


Double under jump;

Dance moves;



Ball skills;


Baskeball Skills;

Alphabet Challenge;