Fifth Class Girls

5th Class (Girls) Book List 2020/2021

Teacher: Mrs. Clifford

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Fifth Class Girls


English                        English Dictionary

C.J. Fallon Above the Clouds Portfolio Book only


Gaeilge            Foclóir (English/Irish – Irish/English)


Maths             New Wave Mental Maths 5th Class (Prim – Ed)


Handwriting   Go with the flow G (C.J. Fallon)




Other items                                   

3 (120 page) Maths Copies

10 (120 page) Writing Copies

1 Homework Journal

1 small towel ( in Zip Lock bag) to be placed in school bag to dry hands (Please change regularly)

1 ring binder folder + plastic pockets, dividers

2 glue sticks

3 HB Pencils, 3 blue biros, 3 red biros, 30cm ruler, sharpener, eraser

Colouring pencils, twistables or markers

Tin Whistle (Key of D)

Mathematical Set


Please label all books, copies, stationary etc




Book Rental Scheme (no need to buy)

English                        Above the Clouds (CJ Fallon)


Spellings for me Programme

Gaeilge            Bua na Cainte 4

Maths                         Busy at Maths 5

S.E.S.E                         Small World

Religion          Grow in Love

Music              The Right Note