School Reopening September 2021

Our school will re open on Monday, August 30th for all classes.

The Board of Management, Management team and staff  worked to finalise a plan for our return. Below are some important points. We ask that you familiarise yourself and talk to your children regarding the new procedures. We hope to provide some photos in due course to help with this.

If my child has symptoms of COVID- 19 while  in school; 

If a pupil displays symptoms of COVID-19 while at school the following are the procedures to be implemented:

    •  The parents/guardians will be contacted immediately
    • The pupil will be accompanied to the isolation area and given a mask.
    •  He or she should wear the mask while walking to the isolation area or exiting the building.
    •  Parents will be advised to call their doctor and continue self-isolation at home.

The HSE will inform any staff/parents who have come into close contact with a diagnosed case via the contact tracing process. The HSE will contact all relevant persons where a diagnosis of COVID-19 is made. The instructions of the HSE should be followed and staff and pupil confidentiality is essential at all times.

If my child displays symptoms of COVID 19 outside of school; 

Do not send your child to school if any of the following is true. 

Your child has: 

  • a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or more 
  • any other common symptoms of coronavirus – a new cough, loss or changed sense of taste or smell, or shortness of breath 
  • been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus 
  • been living with someone who is unwell and may have coronavirus 
  • an existing breathing condition that has recently got worse 

You will need to: 

  1. Isolate your child – this means keeping them at home and completely avoiding contact with other people, as much as possible.   
  2. Phone your GP – they will advise you if your child needs a coronavirus test. 
  3. Everyone that your child lives with should also restrict their movements, at least until your child gets a diagnosis from their GP or a coronavirus test result. This means not going to school, childcare or work. 
  4. Treat your child at home for their symptoms.
  5. Children should be symptom free for at least 48 hours before their return to school.
    More information below;


  • Loreto National School will be opening on Monday 30th August for all classes.
  • School will start at the normal time for all classes with doors opening at 9am. It is imperative that children are not dropped off before 9am.
  • Children will not be lining up outside the doors as usual, they will proceed straight to their classrooms where their teachers will be waiting.
  • We will be using two different doors for the children to enter the school in the morning.  They will sanitise their hands as they enter the building. Teachers will be available to guide and assist pupils to their rooms.
  • Mr. Looney’s class (5th boys & 6th class) and Ms. Clifford’s Class (4th &5th girls) will use the front left door (Entrance 1).
  • Ms. O’ Reilly’s class (Junior & Senior infants) & Mrs. O’ Meara’s class (Senior Infants & 1st Class) and Mr. O’Sullivan’s class (Second & Third Class) will enter using the main entrance.
  • This will reduce congestion and will help with social distancing while entering  the school. There should be absolutely no congregating at the school gate or school wall
  • If there are a number of children entering the gate at the same time, please encourage them to wait until it becomes quieter.
  • Unfortunately, parents will not be allowed enter the school grounds in the morning with the children. (An exception will be made for parents of our Junior Infants for the first week)

During the day;

  • Parents should phone or email the office to make an appointment or speak with a teacher.
  • School bags should be kept to the minimal amount of travel and only transfer between home and school.
  • Children will keep their own books and stationary. Library books will be assigned if required and quarantined for 72 hours prior to distribution.
  • We have placed hand sanitiser and paper towel dispensers at the toilets and in each classroom. Children do not need to bring their own towel for hand drying.
  • Our normal school uniform policy will apply. We do ask that uniforms are not worn in public places after the school day has finished.
  • All school staff will complete Covid-19 Induction Training prior to returning on the 30th of August.
  • We will be following templates from the Department on classroom layout to maximise space and ensure social distancing. Children will be in Pods in the classroom which will be groups of four-six. Children will be with their own class group on the yard at break times.
  • Breaks time will be split into two 20 minute breaks.  Times will be as follows;
  • Morning Break; 11am – 11.20am
  • Lunchtime; 1pm-1.20pm
  • Children will have time to eat their lunch in their classrooms.
  • Footballs/Basketballs will be assigned in class bubbles. Pupils will not be allowed to bring in their own Footballs/Basketballs.
  • Masks: As per guidelines, Children will not wear masks in school as they are not suitable for children under 13 years of age.


  • Home time for Junior and Senior Infants will be at 1.50pm (12pm for Junior Infants for the first 2 weeks). At this time, Parents of Junior and Senior Infants will wait outside the main gate.  We ask that these parents follow social distancing markings on the ground and wait outside for their child to exit.
  • Home time will be at the usual time of 2.50pm (for 1st- 6th class and 223 Club). It is very important that all parents be on time to collect their children as this is imperative for the smooth running of our reopening plan.
  • Children will leave class by class using the main door. This will be staggered allowing time for each class to disperse (2.50pm- 3pm). Please be patient as we settle into this new routine.
  • 223 club will leave via the right door (Entrance 3) as usual at 2.50pm


  • No person (Child, teacher or parent) should attend school if unwell or if any members of their household are unwell with symptoms consistent with COVID -19.
  • An isolation area has been prepared in the school. If any child presents with symptoms consistent with Covid during the school day, they will be accompanied to the isolation area and their parents will be contacted. Their parents will also be advised to contact their G.P. It is important that Parents as contactable at all times during the day. As inconvenient as this may be, it is imperative that we follow guidelines as set out by the department.
  • Our 223 club will be continuing in the school and will be following department guidelines.
  • Other before/after school clubs will not be going ahead for now. We will review this in time.
  • Extra cleaning resources have been organised. Desks, chairs, bathrooms, handles etc will be cleaned every day

Our hope is that our return to school will be as normal as possible while also ensuring the safety of our entire school community.We thank all of you for your cooperation and understanding at this time.

Regards,B O’Sullivan

Covid 19 Policy statement

Poster for Parents


Hand sanitiser in every classroom and every entrance and exit point.


Social Distance markings on the floor


Children only beyond this point


We are asking parents to adhere to social distancing when collecting children


Yard is divided into sections for two different break times.

IMG_20200828_134913 (1)


IMG_20200828_134924 (1)

Towel dispensers in toilet areas

IMG_20200828_135125 (1)

Social distance markings