Third Class

Third Class  – Mr. P O’Sullivan

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Third Class


English: ‘Ready to Go’ Portfolio Book only (CJ Fallon)

New Wave English 3rd (Prim-Ed)

Gaeilge: Any A5 hardback notes copy only

Maths: Busy @ Maths 3rd class

New Wave Mental Maths 3rd class (Prim. Ed)

Super Sleuth 3rd class (Gill)

S.E.S.E: Map Skills 1 Pack (CJ Fallon)

R.E: Grow in Love  3rd  Class (Veritas)

Journal: Folens Homework Journal

Book rental scheme (no need to buy)

English Reader: Ready to Go 3rd textbook (new)

Class novel       

                             Spellings for me Programme

Spellings for me programme                                                                           

Gaeilge: Bua na Cainte programme (new)

S.E.S.E: Earthlink


Music: The Right Note

Also needed

Copies: We will reuse last year’s copies and there are spare copies in the press.

1 small towel ( in Zip Lock bag) to be placed in school bag to dry hands (Please change regularly)

Project Book/Copy 15A 40 pages x 2

A4 folder with plastic pockets (40 – 60)

English dictionary & Foclóir (Eng/Irish – Irish/Eng)

Pencil case & 2 HB pencils, sharpener, eraser, ruler, red & blue biro

Pencil case & colours (colouring pencils or twistables or markers)

Please label all items: books, copies, stationary, school jumpers, bottles and lunch boxes.